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We are very excited to meet new families and provide children with quality care here at YBB! Education and social development is the core of YBB, but it is done all through play! 

My staff and I are passionate about providing families with a safe and loving environment for their children to develop and grow.  

YBB provides endless opportunities for self-expression of love, understanding, patience, warmth, creativity, fun and simple joy. As a committed childcare provider, our soul purpose is to make children feel comfortable, happy, safe, nurtured and loved while here at YBB.


Hours of operations are from: 

7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

(Overnight care available)

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The perfect solution for Busy Families... YBB!

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We have 1 opening for 5 years of age (not entering K 2022-2023)

Upcoming: 1 openings for YBB Academy Fall 2022!

*Hello Spring 2022*

Hello warmer weather and allergies!

We started our season early learning about caterpillars and butterflies, and we will continue with all things Spring! It is FUN and exciting to see the kids light up about the world outside!!!


As always lots of fun crafts and activities planned for our little bees. You might see painted hands and toes around, no need to fret, a little soap and water should do the trick!

Warmer weather means more sniffles....please be mindful of germs, we will do our part to ensure hands are washed and toys stay out of little mouths. BUT it could also mean allergies. I have mentioned to most of the Parents of those with known allergies, it is time to get into a nightly routine of allergy meds, so it is in their system.