Daycare Center

YBB Childcare (3 months - 5 years)

Education and play are at the heart of YBB. We will provide your child an indoor and outdoor space that is safe and clean, where she or he can freely explore, grow, and learn through play. 

Young children learn best through play and by "doing".

We believe that learning should be a fun and an exciting experience. Our daily schedule is flexible and relaxing, or non-intimidating.

Each child is given the opportunity to develop at his or her own pace.  Activities include free play, story time, arts and crafts, song and dance, painting, coloring, pretend play, and much more.

​Young children need routines in their lives to help them feel secure and to understand what to expect next.

Our schedule/routine is easy to follow!

·         ​Drop off/Quiet time

·         Breakfast

·         Outdoor AM (weather permitted)

·         Educational activity

·         Circle time

·         Playtime

·         Lunch

·         Nap

·         Educational activity

·         Arts & Crafts

·         Playtime

·         Outdoor PM (weather permitted)

·         Pick Up/Quiet time

*Schedule changes may occur depending on weather, etc.

YBB Academy - Schedule 9a-330p (School is in session):

Each child will work independently but together depending on grade level and classroom connect times.

We will cover all subjects:


Language Arts

Literature & Comprehension


Social Studies



VAVA K12 - provides the Books/Workbooks and some materials, but not all (which is okay, we have you covered)


We have 2 full-time openings for infants 3 months to 5 years of age or now accepting part-time half days AM/PM

Call now at 571-474-8706!

All Natural Meals/GMO Free

Drawing Class

Next  Generation  Care